G- Control 40 Opto 2-6 LiPo, SimonK

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G- Control 40 Opto 2-6 LiPo, SimonK


- matched to the G-Power brushless motors
- self-programming (voltage, number of cells)
- unique programming of the stick travels
- start-up protection
- very sensitive control
- speed control mode (heli)
- Suitable for LiPo and NiMh batteries
- ideally suited for drives that require speed control, such as Schottel, VSP, multicopter...
- only forward, without brake
Technical data
Current duration 40A
Current max. 60A (10sec.)
BEC without BEC
Voltage 6-22,2V, 2-6S LiPo 5-19 NiMh
Weight 39g
Dimension 67 x 26 x 13mm, with sockets
Max. speeds 210 000 (2-pole), 70 000(6-pole), 35 000(12-pole) rpm
LiPo cut-off 2.9V/cell
Supplied without battery connector, with soldered 3.5mm sockets

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