Becker rudder 70mm

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Becker rudder 70mm, Fiberglass Epoxy


Made in Germany

The rudder area can be adjusted to the required size.
The 9 joints allow the rudder to be shortened without losing stability.

With the enclosed ALU angle lever, the rudder can also be used in a multiple row steering system.

Rudder shaft           4.0x145mm stainless steel wire
Steering column     4,1x5,0x40mm MS tube
Flap shaft              1.5mm stainless steel wire
Bearing shaft bearing 9 brass bushings in the rudder flap and the rudder
rudder area
Height                   68mm
Width                    46mm including steering wheel
Separable, All parts can be replaced easily.

Material GRP, red surface
1 Becker rudder
1 rudder lever with adjusting ring and pin, silicone hose for sealing.
Secure the flap shaft in the lower bearing with adhesive.

The rudder is suitable for the Littorina and is included in the kit.

- Adjust the upper rudder bearing either to the hull or open the hull according to the rudder bearing.
- Drill the abutment with 4.0mm into the rudder hack of the fuselage
- If the rudder is used freely suspended, the coker must be secured against tilting in the model
- Stick with stabilite or epoxy according to the fuselage material.

Shortening the rudder:
- saw the corresponding rudder surface down to the rudder shaft.
- sawing the helm
- Shorten the rudder shaft and shaft of the fin accordingly
- Smooth the surfaces
- Finished!

A development of Bauer models


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