2K adhesive MD Megabond 2000 / 2030

2K adhesive MD Megabond 2000 / 2030

2K adhesive MD Megabond 2000 / 2030




The modern alternative to Stabilit express, UHU acrylite, UHU endfest, 5min. Epoxy.
No brown glue is more in the model.

MD MEGABOND two-component high-performance adhesive is the "Formula One racer" amongst high-performance adhesives. It can be used where conventional adhesives do not achieve the required strengths.

MD MEGABOND permanently bonds metal, wood, ceramics and hard plastic. Bonding various materials is extremely quick and reliable with MD MEGABOND. The bonding surface area can be worked and painted after complete hardening.

  • Excellent impact, peeling and shear strength
  • High resistance to weathering
  • Quick-fixing
  • Requires short surface preparation
  • Temperature resistant up to +120°C
  • Color milky yellow
  • no aging or embrittlement of the bond

Areas of application for MD-MEGABOND range across the entire industrial landscape.


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Product no.: 4.MMT.Mini

2.45 *
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg

MD-MEGABOND 2000, 1: 1 double cartridge 50g

Product no.: 4.MMB.S502000

9.80 *

MD MEGABOND 2030, 1: 1 double cartridge 50g

Product no.: 4.MMB.S502030

9.90 *

MD-MEGABOND 2000, 1: 1 double syringe 25g

Product no.: 4.MMB.S252000

7.50 *

MD CLEARBOND, 1:1 double syringe 25 g

Product no.: 4.MMB.C.S25

15.50 *

New Dosing pistol for 50 g dual cartridge

Product no.: 4.MZ.DP3

29.90 *
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg


Product no.: 4.MMB.3.S50

12.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
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