Alex multi-purpose boat

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Alex multi-purpose boat


Multi-task vessel: working and research boat

The ALEX is a non-scale model of a modern 14 m multi-task boat.

The model is based on a modern planing hull, and is therefore very fast and agile. The hard-chine hull is of plastic construction. All the ABS parts are supplied laser-cut, and can be slotted together and glued immediately.

The hull is assembled on a Depron jig. The power system consists of two electric motors which can either be controlled individually (2 x Multi 25 speed controller) or in common by a single Multi 40 controller. Two rudder systems are used for directional control.

The A-mast towards the stern can also be servo-operated. The towing mechanism is rugged enough to tow other boats.

The wheelhouse is assembled completely from mahogany components. The etched instrument panel components make it possible to illuminate the large number of instruments. All the model's lamps can be lit using 3 mm LEDs.

The searchlight is assembled from ready-made etched parts, and is fully articulated. The reflector and LED are carefully matched, and produce an exceptionally powerful, accurately focussed beam of light.

The model can be further expanded at the builder's discretion, since plenty of space is available in the hull for additional working systems such as bow thruster, lighting, sound effects or winches.

The model kit contains:

All laser-cut ABS parts required to build the model, Depron jig, fittings and propeller shafts, motor mounts and rudders.

The extensive set of etched nickel-silver components contains more than a hundred parts, including railing stanchions, searchlight, working door hinges, panel instruments, ventilator panels and much more.

Technical specifications:

Scale 1:20
Length 717mm
Width 200mm
Weight 2,4-3,0kg, ready to drive with RC, depending on the configuration.

drives and accessories     with links to the articles  see Accessories

Motor standard:

Suitable drive for                              
6 cells NimH / 2-S LiPo
2x Elektromotor Race 650               Order no. 7124/18
Coupling Elastic                               2x 4.4068
1x speed controller GX2140DUO     Order no. GX-2140DUO
Or individually
2x ESC
Speed GX 1125          GX 1125
3-blade propeller 35mm / M4            Order no. 716003, 716004
Rudder servo                                    Order no. 4.5509MA

Brushless drive  lighter, more load

Brushless motor                    2x G-Power motor, the engine can be used without any conversions
2x  sealinX WS30-V30, Forward-Reverse
Battery                                  2 cells LiPo, 6 cells NiMh, 3000-5000mAh

Servo for A-mast                   1x  4.5509MA
Adhesive                               for the panes, etching parts and fittings on lacquer surfaces
For ABS                                UHU plastic special, Ruderer
Hull - Shaft                            UHU plus acrylit

rubber bump profile                9x9mm, 2,5m

Switching module for lighting  4.4247
LED 360 °                            
white, warmwhite, red, green, blue, yellow, Blink LED blue, Blink LED yellow
Please look in your instruction about the needed LED colors.

designed by Bauer Models


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