Police boat Hecht WSP 30 / V20 with etched parts

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Police boat Hecht WSP 30 / V20


New: now with stainless steel etching kit and soldering set for stainless steel


Model kit of Bavarian police boat WSP 30 HECHT or Austrian police boat V 20.
Type: 20.88m police boat, ocean-going
Beaufort : 8, Wave height up to: 6 m

Shipyard: SET Schiffbau u. Entwicklungsgesellschaft Tangermünde mbH

WSP 30: 26.10.2011
V 20: 09.05.2012
Tasks: surveillance of ship traffic on Lake Bodensee, prosecution of offenses and administrative offenses, assistance to rescue organizations, missed searches
The model was designed according to the original design drawings and many photos.
A model built and equipped by Bauer models and equipped in the M1: 10 served during the construction of the original boat to extensive tests of the hull on the Baltic Sea.

The model was developed in collaboration with the Designer, the shipyard and the Bavarian water protection police.

A development of Bauer-Models
Made in Germany

Kit content
All components are laser-cut. By means of appropriate fits all parts can be put together and glued together.
The model can be equipped with special functions. The complete interior of the wheelhouse is included.

- fiberglass- hull with deck with smooth white gelcoat, already glued
- laser-cut superstructures and small parts made of ABS,
- LASER-cut interior of ABS, optionally also plywood
- Laser-cut boat stand made of plywood
- 2 power direct drive units, stainless steel, shaft supports, waterproof
  (Please specify which motor you want to use.
We pack the corresponding shaft and coupling)
- 2 water-tight stainless steel rudder systems, sliding bearings
- Wires, brass and stainless steel pipes, plastic profiles, rubber strip, linkages, small parts
etched parts, 0,5mm stainless steel
Solder and flux for stainless steel
- decor sheet, list of colors in RAL, drawings, construction manual in German with drawings,
- Home port and ship name plotted from self-adhesive film

Specifications Model
Length    1050 mm
Width      265 mm
Weight    4,91kg
Scale      1:20


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