VSP-DUO -Ring-Limiter for 2 VSP

VSP-DUO -Ring-Limiter for 2 VSP

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The ring limiter is included in the Servonaut and Graupner HoTT remote controls in the software.

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VSP-DUO -Ring-Limiter for 2 VSP


The VSP Ring-Limiter for two VSPs (eg Edda Flora, Thyssen II, Velox, Parat etc.) is connected directly between the respective two receiver outputs and the corresponding servos and limits all four servos in pairs interdependently so that the circular Voith -Schneider propulsion characteristic is mechanically not exceeded. This ensures that no damage to the servos or to the VSPs is possible and the control is 'round' and sensitive.

The Ring-Limiter is not only a pruning of large servo travels, as it is  known from insert scenes on the transmitter stick, but the two signals are continuously converted from a rectangular or square stick area on an elliptical or circular motion picture.

It is only necessary to adjust the zero point (zero thrust) of the two responsible servos and to fix the limiter (jumper 1 or 2)

The individual maximum deflections of the servos is to programming in the transmitter.
The ring-limiter can be used for all Voith-Schneider-Propellers. It is compatible with all RC systems

Voltage                      4,8-9,0V (BEC)
Size                          48 x 40mm

contains                    1 Modul                 
                                1 Jumper
                                 instruction in german und english

are still needed 4 patch cable (not included)

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