Colour set Edda Flora

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Colour set Edda Flora


the paint and varnishing set includes:
2x primer white
2x reddish brown RAL8012
2x blood orange RAL2002
1x leaf green RAL6002
1x Signal yellow RAL1003
1x Traffic white RAL9016
1x Black RAL9005
1x silver grey RAL7001
2x clear lacquer matt
2x sanding sponge grain 120, 220
1x dust binding cloth
1x Scotch contour tape 3,17mm, length approx. 32m
2x masking tape 19mm x 50m
The paints are quick-drying based on nitro/synthetic resin.
Drying time at 20°C: approx. 10min
cured after 12 hours at 20°C
Different materials should always be primed, e.g. GRP-ABS.
ABS and GRP do not have to be primed. It is sufficient to wash off with spirit/lighter fuel/silicone remover and light sanding.
- Remove pencil strokes with eraser, recorded markings from permanent markers with lighter fuel or spirit.
- Always cover adhesive areas such as Stabilit with white, otherwise they will shine through.
The paints can be sprayed wet on wet after a short drying time (1-2 min.).
Only spray very thin layers at a time. You do not have to cover for the first time. More fogging than holding on, this prevents running noses.
Possible dust inclusions can be rubbed off after drying with a dry kitchen paper.
The clear lacquer can be applied immediately wet on wet on the lacquered surfaces.
Repair of scratches:
- to clean/degrease the scratch extensively
-sanding is not necessary, as the new paint dissolves the underlying layer of paint again.
-Cover areas of different colour
-Spray on the appropriate paint, possibly several times.
-After drying, polish away the paint mist adhering with kitchen paper.
-fog up clear varnish

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