G-Power BL-Motor, 3536, 750KV, 7,4-14,4V

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G-Power BL motor, type 3536, 750KV, 7.4-14.4V

Despite its small size, it develops up to 400W of power.
The motor is equipped with G3.5 connectors.
Suitable for fast motor boats with a length of 60-90cm and 2-4 cells LiPo.

Technical specifications

Operating voltage range    6-14,4V
Current  max.                       50A
Current  idle.                        0.2A
Revolutions / volts              750KV
Pole                                       14
Windings                              12
Timing                                   22-25 °
Shaft Ø                                  4,0mm
Free shaft                             18,5mm
Hole circle                            25 / 19mm
Housing length                   34mm
Housing Ø                           35mm
Weight approx.                    96g
Direction of rotation            R + L
Ri (Ohm) 0.094
Air screw                              13x8 (2 cells) ........ 11x7 (4 cells)

Supplied with fixing material

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