G-Power BL-Motor, 3548, 790KV, 7,4-16,8V

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G-Power BL-Motor, type 3548, 790KV, 7,4-16,8V

Despite its small size, it develops up to 750 watts of power.
The motor is equipped with G3.5 connectors.
Suitable for fast boats, e.g. Harro Koebke, Bernhard Gruben, Sylt, WSP 30,  DgzRS models, other police boats
Low power consumption and very high performance due to special cooling and neodymium magnets at low speed.

Technical specifications

Operating voltage range       7.4-16.8V
Current  max.                          70A
Current at idle.                        0.2 A
Revolutions / volts                 790KV
Power                                       750W
Pole                                          14
Windings                                 12
Time                                          20-25 °
Shaft Ø                                      5,0mm
Free shaft length                    17.5mm
Pin circle                                  25 / 19mm
Housing length                       48mm
Housing Ø                               35mm
Weight approx.                        156 g
Direction of rotation                 R + L
Ri (Ohm)                                   0.040
Air screw                                  13x8 (3 cells) ...... 12x6 (5 cells)

Supplied with fixing material

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