DC convert PWM

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DC convert PWM


For safe start-up of 3V gearmotors. Up to max. 5 gearmotors 4.2003 can be operated simultaneously with one controller.
Adjustable voltage via potentiometer.

Type:                           Voltage regulator
Operating mode:         PWM
Voltage adjustment:    Potentiometer
Input voltage:              4.75V ~ 23V
Output voltage:           0.1V ~ 17V
Current:                      1,8A duration, 3A (max.)
Efficiency:                   96% (max.)
Residual ripple:          <30mV
Switching frequency:  typically 340kHz
Working temperature: -40 °C ~ +85°C
Size:                           17mm x 11mm x 3,8mm
weight:                        1,9g
Used for geared motors and other applications up to 2.0 A current consumption.
Connect gear motor and voltage
Use a 2mm screwdriver for adjustment
Turn potentiometer to the right = 0
Turn the potentiometer slowly to the left until the motor has the desired speed.
Not suitable for controlling LED's.
Use resistors to limit the current.


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