B-Control VR8

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B-Control VR8


Forward-reverse controller for brush motors up to size 380

Operating voltage 3.0 .... 9.6V
Current duration 5A
Current max. 8A, 10sec.
BEC 5V / 1A
Working frequency 2kHz
Power supply 2-3 LiFe 
                      1-2 LiPo
                      NiMh 3-8 cells
Weight 12g
Size 20x20mm
Brake with switch can be activated
On-Off Switch

Ideal for small bow thrusters, small models

When used in cars, the brake should be ON to avoid overloading the controller.

Reprogramming the brake function:

- Switch off regulator
- Switch the brake switch ON or OFF
- Switch on the controller

- Finished


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