Motor Single 4A4S

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Motor Single 4A4S

Forward-reverse motor controller
- for the control of Speed / Race 400 / Buhler motors or coreless motors up to 4A continuous current, max 10A
- Adjustable frequency of 500-24kHz, max. 18V. 4 switching channels each with 300mA,
- no BEC

Motor controller for controlling small motors to Speed / Race 400 / Bühler and coreless motors.
In addition to the short-circuit and overload resistance of the motor controller, it also offers 4 switching channels, which can be addressed both in the Nautic and in the count-through mode. Depending on the operating time, the 4 functions switch either on-off or in memory mode. Small consumers to each ca 300mA can be connected short-circuit proof.
In addition, many programmable parameters are available.
The continuous current is 4A. The motor current can be up to 10A.
The operating voltage is designed for 2-4 LiPos, the maximum voltage is 18V.
This control provides the programming of multiple parameters with the sticks of the transmitter, among other things, the operating frequency of 500 - 24000Hz.

It is thus ideally suited for coreless motors.
Without BEC. When using HV servos (7.4-8V), no BEC is required.
The receiver must be suitable for 2S Lipo. The receiver is powered by a V-cable from the drive battery.
Also ideal for bow thrusters in connection with our BM RS-3151SD. With this controller, the nautical lighting can also be switched without additional modules.
A development of Neuhaus-Electronics and Bauer models.

Voltage 6-18V
Frequenzy 500Hz-24kHz, adjustable
Funktionen 1 Motor, 4 Switches
Dimension 26x15mm
BEC no

Programming option:

Throttle stick way Forward, middle, backward
Motor frequenzy 500Hz, 1500Hz, 8000Hz, 24000Hz
Switch channel modus Count-or nautic-modus (nautic-modus only Graupner-transmitter)
Brake 0 oder 100%
Bremse in Stand ja / nein
Battery monitoring No monitoring, 2S LiPo, 3S LiPo, 4S LiPo
Reset default settings

Suitable motors BM RS-3151SD, corresponding Faulhaber or Buhler motors, Race / Speed 400


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