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The MicroPowerSwitch module is not only an on / off switch but also monitors the voltage of the model battery to prevent deep discharges. An adjustable warning and cut-off threshold make the module suitable for every battery up to max. 11V can be adjusted. Also, the current is controlled. The max. Continuous current is 8A, the permissible peak current can be up to 15A. Both values are freely selectable up to 3A, the duration of the peak current can also be set to 1 second. All values can be configured via the infrared interface. At the same time, current voltage and current values can be observed on the screen. If the warning voltage drops below the voltage threshold, both acoustic and optical alarms are carried out.

MicroPowerSwitch has 2 branches. One is activated via an additional "enable" input. The other is permanently active.

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