USB Infrarot Datalink

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USB Infrarot Datalink

In order to establish communication between a PC, smartphone or tablet, you need the USB IR Datalink. This is connected with a cable with mini-USB plug. Various light-emitting diodes provide information on the functional state.


The new overall concept MicroModules of Neuhaus Electronics has on all modules
Through a wireless interface. We chose the medium infrared
Since this connection is very robust and has the advantage that it has only a limited effective radius up to 1 / 2m and therefore can not be disturbed by other users.

The cable connection, which has been mandatory up to now, is thus no longer the case
necessary. No "input devices" such as knobs or potentiometers are needed on the module itself,
Thus the modules can be kept very small with a high functional density. The modules can be installed in the model and configured during normal operation.
Thus performed settings can be immediately checked for their interaction with the remote control.

An intuitive software provides an overview of all modules.
Each module has its own ID and name. Up to 256 modules can be managed.
The individual modules can be assigned to different models and easily overlooked.

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