Hawse (6), 12x17mm

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Hawse (6), 12x17mm



2-piece kit, for insertion into the side wall
Scale approx. 1:32
A difficult part to build.
The line funnel is put from the inside through the ship's side.
From the outside the ring is pushed onto the collar and glued.
The overhang, depending on the thickness of your tailboard, is sanded off.
Material: PLA 3-D print
Support structures are removed. The surface is pre-smoothed, but still has small grooves.
Slightly sand the surface and smooth it with a spray putty.
We recommend for surface smoothing:
File cut 1-2
Abrasive sponge medium
Funnel outside 12x17mm
Tailgate opening 8x12mm
line opening 5x 9mm
Kit 2-piece
Content 6 sets of line nozzles

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