Radar Design Furuno, Beam 65mm

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Radar, Typ Furuno


The mounting hole is tightly fitting for the planetary geared motor.
The beam has a receiving bore for the flattened shaft of the transmission.

Insert the motor from below into the housing of the radar.
Put the radar bar on the shaft. Pay attention to the flat spot.
The beam does not have to be glued.

Dismantling of the geared motor:
Pull radar beams.
Press the shaft and slide the motor down.
Not pull on the shaft upward.

Caution: Do not rotate with force on the transmission shaft.

Base plate 15x13mm
Gear body 21x18mm
Beam 65mm
Total height approx. ca. 22mm

Material: PLA 3-D printing.
Support structures are removed. The surface is pre-smoothed, but still has small marks.
Slightly sand the surface, abrasive sponge (grain size 80)
, file cut 1-2
Spray with spray filler.

Contents 1 set radar, not assembled
Kit with geared motor and voltage regulator

Currently not available at the time. The geared motors are in production.
All radars are available again calendar week

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