Ship's shaft, 250mm, M2, 5mm tube

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Ship's shaft, 250mm, M2, 5mm tube



thick-walled brass sterntube

- Stainless steel shaft

- Bearing metal Teflon bearing (dry plain bearing)

- Teflon discs on both sides for force absorption during forward and reverse travel

- one-sided thread

- with adjusting ring

- very long life

- watertight

 factory lubricated


Dimensions (mm)

A 200mm
B 250mm


C 6mm
D Ø5mm
G M2 
d Ø2mm

Suitable shaft grease 4.5190.54.5190.10

Dry sliding bearings are particularly suitable for applications in which no or only little lubricant can be used. In contrast to sintered or ball bearings, dry plain bearings can also be operated with solid lubricants. The special design of the dry plain bearings considerably reduces the need for lubricants. Depending on the application, even a completely lubricant-free use of dry plain bearings is possible. A PTFE coating on the sliding surface ensures a sufficiently reduced friction. PTFE has the property of transferring itself to the counterpart after a short start-up time. Dry plain bearings consist of a multi-layer structure, which in its combination can guarantee the best possible load carrying capacity with dry bearings.


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