Conversion kit to belt pulley Schottel drive 40BM

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Conversion kit to belt pulley Schottel drive 40BM


To replace the rudder lever and the gear on the Schottel 40.
The set includes 1 pair of pulley for Schottel 40BM and for standard servo.

By replacing the pulley, the Schottel 40 can be turned with a toothed belt.

The inaccurate control with a lot of play is exchanged for a toothed belt control.

Depending on the servo gear, the transmission ratio can also be varied with other ratios.

Material Plastic

Number of teeth     26
Version                   with flanged pulleys
Belt width                6mm
Outer-Ø toothed pulley 20.15mm
Outer-Ø flanged pulley 24,0mm
d o                          20,75mm
ND                          20.00mm
b                             11mm

Content 1 pair 1:1 with servo fixing screw M3x6

Further pulleys under:

Timing belt +wheels, 6mm T2,5


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