Schottel drive 70mm

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Schottel drive 70mm


The Schottel drive, developed by the Schottel company, is a modern and particularly powerful drive version especially for working vessels that must have very high manoeuvrability, such as harbour tugs, ferries and special ships. In contrast to conventional ship drives with separate shaft and rudder systems, both control groups are combined in the Schottel drive. The ship's propeller, which is mounted under the ship's bottom in a performance-enhancing Kort nozzle, can be swivelled sideways and the water flow produced is thus used directly as a rudder. The Schottel drive 70 corresponds to the original concept in its mode of operation. In combination with a powerful electric motor, the integrated gearbox with a reduction ratio of 3:1 and the original, profiled propeller with Ø 65 mm, a high drive power is achieved, so that the drive is suitable for use in larger and heavier models. It is sturdily made of plastic. A powerful servo (e.g. 5520MD) is inserted into a special holder for direct control. The swivel range of the propeller is approx. 180° with a servo movement ratio of 2:1, depending on the servo. The swivel range is not mechanically limited. The servo carrier can be attached to the side of the shaft in various positions depending on the installation conditions.

Completely ball bearing mounted
Each Schottel drive is supplied with one left-handed and one right-handed propeller.
with steel bevel gears, modified tooth flank clearance, thus quieter.
red underwater part
new prototypical, profiled propellers, right and left running
cover of the circlip.

The propeller and nozzle were developed by Bauer-Modelle in cooperation with a Norwegian shipbuilding company.

Scope of delivery:

1x Schottel drive, propeller 65mm left mounted
1x propeller 65mm right
1x instruction manual german / english

 Important: Please note the annual lubrication with our special grease for plastic-metal pairings 4.5190.5 or 4.5190.10
Do NOT use MARINE GREASE for lubrication!  It is not suitable for gear drives and leads to premature wear of the gears.


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