Z-Drive 70BM-Z, toothbelted

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Z-Drive 70BM-Z, toothbelted


- Very quiet!
- Fully ball bearing, helical bevel gearbox.
- More propulsion by the original scaled propeller and nozzle.
- watertight through shaft seal.
- Drive and rotation by means of toothed belt T2,5
- profiled nozzle, profile propeller Ø65mm, right and left.

A Schottelantrieb / Z-drive is a modern and particularly powerful rudder propeller drive especially for work boats, which must have a very high maneuverability, as for example. Harbor hauliers, ferries and specialty vessels. Unlike conventional marine propulsion systems with separate shaft and rudder systems, both control groups are grouped together in the Z-drive. The ship's propeller, which is stored underneath the ship's bottom in a high-performance nozzle, can be pivoted 360 ° on the side and the produced water stream is thus directly used as a rudder. The Z-drive 70BM corresponds in its mode of operation to the original concept. In conjunction with a powerful electric motor and the special, profiled ship's screw with Ø 65 mm, a high drive power is achieved so that the drive is suitable for use in larger and heavier models. It is made of plastic. A strong servo (e.g., 5512MD) is required for control. The swivel range is unlimited.

- Material pulleys: glass fiber reinforced ABS
- Material of Schottel: ABS
- Transmission ratio: 1: 1
- Belt pulley Rotary movement: 25 teeth
- Belt pulley Propeller: 20 teeth
- bevelled with steel bevel gears, very quiet.
- new model propellers, right and left
- red underwater part
- Cover the locking ring.

The nozzle and the propeller were developed in collaboration with a Norwegian shipbuilding company.

The propeller speed should not be more than max. 1500rpm. 
Turning the cap relative to the propeller adjusts the tooth backlash and thus the volume.

Adjust the propeller speed with the appropriate toothed belt pulleys to the speed of your motor.

The Schottel 70 BM-Z can be exchanged easily for the Schottel 2. Than It must be converted to belt drive. The gears of the Schottel II do not fit. The glued mounting flange can remain in the model.
See last picture.

1x Z-drive, propeller 65mm mounted on the left
1x propeller 65mm right, enclosed
1 set of fastening screws


Ø Nozzle outer diameter 81mm
Ø Propeller 65mm
high o.a. 155mm
required high in the model 59mm

not included
Timing belt T2,5, 6mm
Belt pulley for motor and servo T2,5

Important: Please note the annual lubrication with our special grease for plastic-metal pairings 4.5190.5 or 4.5190.10
DO NOT use the MARINE FAT to lubricate! It is not suitable for gear transmission and leads to premature wear of the gears.

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