Schottel-mounting frame for 70BM-Z, plywood

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Schottel-mounting frame for 70BM-Z, plywood 


Due to a backlog of orders for the laser cutter, delivery has been postponed by at least one week.

Delivery from week 17

These installation frames are pushed over the adhesive flange of the Schottel and glued to it and the fuselage.
Due to a special construction different installation angles can be realized.
The installation frame guarantees that the toothed belts run smoothly.
Tested in our ARA model (Jonny)
This frame also fits other models with 70BM-Z Schottel.
Also suitable for our brass Schottel 50-80mm without drive.
Contents: 2 pieces mounting frame.
Material 3,0mm plywood
With the following components you can realize a 360° rotation range.
We offer 360° control software suitable for Graupner mc HOTT systems.
If required, send us an email and we will send you the file for uploading to your Graupner mc HOTT transmitter.
The software does not work with mz or mx HOTT systems or older Graupner JR systems!
You do not need any further expensive electronic components when using Graupner mc-HOTT systems.
The file is free of charge. It is only for model builders and should not be copied by manufacturers.
The development of the drive concept cost us and Achim Mathieu a lot of time and money.
You need hardware for each Schottel:
1 rotary servo Schottel             order no.  7947
1 tooth lock washer servo       order no. 4.RT25606
1 tooth lock washer motor      order no. 4.RT25206
1 Toothed belt Servo              order No. 4.ZT256265
1 Toothed belt motor              order no. 4.ZT256285
Brushless motors
1 G-Power (11,1-12V)           order No. 4.353635
                (6V - 7.4V)            order no.  4.353675
700 engines can also be used, if there is enough space downwards, because the engine is vertical.

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