Voith Schneider Propeller VSP 65.BM with Brushlessmotor

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Voith Schneider Propeller VSP 65.BM, the original with Brushlessmotor


Made in Germany in the original injection molds.
To be distinguished from the
logo or engraving of BAUER on the kinematic base and white mounting ring.
The original Voith Schneider Propeller (model propellers) can only be ordered from us or from former manufacturer (Ludwig Bergdorf).
The rights to the design of this Voith Schneider model propeller belongs Bauer models. The injection molds are are in ownership of Bauer models.

The VSP has been revised at Bauer models.
A newly-developed brushless motor, adapted to the performance data of the VSP, is used.
> No heat problems of the engine
Sealed bearings (stainless) are used.

If the VSP is correctly set and the ring limiter / ring limiter is used, the operating current can be reached with our brushless motor at max. 0.6A, i.e.. the driving time increases compared to brushed motors.

technical Data

Motor                                      G-Power 281575
working voltage VSP                        11,1-12V
blades                                          5
length of  blades                                         50 mm
Diameter of blades Ø                                        65 mm
high at all                       130 mm
high complete in the hull 80 mm
hole in the hull             84 mm
weight 355g
Strom A bei Leerlauf                               0,44A
Strom A bei Vollast                                 0,6A

Pole                                                                                                14
Timing                                                                                             22-25°

- 1 Voith Schneider drive with brushless motor
- 1 mounting ring
- 6 stainless steel screws
- 2 ALU ball joints
- 2 threaded rods
- 2 clevises
- Tight cord
- Instructions in German / English

Made in Germany
If you have problems setting up your VSP in the model or other problems with the VSP's, you can contact Bauer models.
We have tested the new, inexpensive and powerful servo 2530MD in our test model. The servo is stronger and more accurate than the previously used Graupner servo and also has a titanium gear.
The VSP is an energy-efficient, robust low-speed rotor. In order to achieve as low a noise level as possible, a toothed belt is used for the transmission.
For simple installation in the model, the supplied mounting ring is glued in the fuselage. The VSP can be easily screwed onto the fuselage. The bearing of the main shaft in two sealed ball bearings makes the VSP largely watertight. All other heavily stressed parts are made of metal or high-quality bearing plastic. Thus, a long service life is achieved with appropriate maintenance.
The wings can be replaced in case of damage.
2 servos are required for the control.
The control lever is articulated by two enclosed M2 metal ball heads which are screwed on the control lever.

Use the Heli mode (speed control mode)
This is how you protect your controller from the constant loads during one revolution.
Our controller VSP-Control is designed for this purpose.

Should you need a new sealing cord after repeated installation - we have it in stock. Please send me a email or buy in the shop.
Do not use silicone for mounting. You can not repainting or other bonds on this area.

spare parts see accessories

The drive is also available as a complete set with VSP Control

Links to VSP Simulator for PC, I Phone, I Pad and Android

Link to VSP Simulator for PC, I Phone, I Pad und Android




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