Jet 19 BM + BL-Motor 3500KV

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Bauer-Jet 19 BM mit Bl-Motor, 3500KV


Designed for small and medium boats.
The small jet develops enormous feed rate with precise control of the model, both forward and reverse.
The jet is controlled by 2 servos
The jet is delivered with clutch and reversing flap
All parts are injected from ABS

Recommended Accu LiPo 7,4V  (not included)

2 Motor mounting screws M3x6 V2A
2 Hinge screws for the M1.6x4 V2A reversing damper
4 Mounting screws for nozzle M2,2x9 V2A
1 brushless motor 4.282135

Specification Jet
Total length 128mm
Installation length approx. 80mm
Mounting width 28mm
Height in the hull 36mm
Flange Ø rear 32mm
Impeller Ø 19mm
Nozzle opening 14mm
Engine Mounting:
Pitch circle 19mm
Impeller shaft 3mm stainless steel
Storage: 1x ball bearing, 1 plain bearing
Coupling 3.0 x 3.17mm
Recommended controller G-Control 40
Suitable servos Standardservo
                       Mini servo

When installing the jets into the rear frame, be careful not to sand the centering flange for the exhaust nozzle. It is then very difficult to center the impeller shaft. Than the impeller turns hard and can lead to stress cracks in the jet housing or to wing fractures.

Dry running can lead to damage to the rubber seal!


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