AMPRO SEAL resin/hardener fast, 1,3kg

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AMPRO SEAL resin/hardener fast, 1,3kg


the ultimate sealing system for wooden boats, wooden decks
Crystal clear curing
Eposeal 300 successor - newly developed - solvent-free!
¬ Simple 3:1 mixing ratio by volume
¬ Ideal for wood coating applications
¬ Suitable for gluing, laminating and filling with Gurit fillers
¬ Rapid hardening, even at low temperatures up to +5°C
¬ Adhesive/arm free surface after curing up to +5°C
¬ Improved surfaces with high gloss and reduced defects
¬ Improved flexibility and adhesion of wood
¬ Improved environmental friendliness and UV resistance
¬ Formulation with low content of poisons
AMPRO™ resin & AMPRO™ hardener fast is an easy to handle, universal epoxy resin system, which can be used for
gluing, coating, laminating and filling can be used. With its fast, at low temperatures
curing hardener and the simple 3:1 mixing ratio AMPRO™ resin & AMPRO™ hardener offers a fast and
universal possibility to use an epoxy system for a very wide range of tasks.
AMPRO™ resin & AMPRO™ hardeners were developed on the basis of the renowned SP 106 epoxy system, SP106 is the
preferred epoxy system for manufacturers and repairs in boat building for over 20 years.
- Professional: The professional's first choice for bonding, laminating and filling
- Safe: Use of chemicals with low toxicity
- Stronger: A more flexible resin matrix ideal for processing wood
- Tack-free: no armin reddening after curing, no clogging of sandpaper
- Waterproof: AMPRO™ SILICA optimal for use in humid environments
- Wide revision window: up to 4 days without sanding
- Faster: Improved curing at temperatures up to 5°C
- High gloss: Improved coating properties with fewer defects
- Cardboard packaging: Less plastic
- Green: Accredited, organic based option with herbal ingredients.
- Simple: 4 systems, compatible hardeners and equal mixing ratio by volume
The product is optimized for use at temperatures between 15 and 25°C. At lower temperatures the product thickens and cannot be
can be processed, the system cures at lower temperatures, but it takes longer. At higher temperatures the working times are significantly reduced. The maximum relative humidity for use is 70%.
Accurate dosing and thorough mixing are essential when using this system and any deviation from the prescribed mixing ratios will result in a significant deterioration of the physical properties of the cured system. Resin and hardener must be stirred well for two minutes or longer, paying particular attention to the sides and bottom of the container. Once the material is mixed, the reaction begins. This reaction generates heat (exothermic), which in turn accelerates the reaction. If this mixed material remains in a closed mixing container, the heat cannot escape and the reaction becomes uncontrollable. It is therefore recommended that the material be used immediately or transferred to a flat large-bottomed container such as a paint tray, which will extend the processing time.
Appropriate storage conditions for long periods of time result in a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture for both
resin as well as for the hardeners. Storage should be in a warm, dry place, protected from direct sunlight. The
Storage temperature should be kept constant between 10°C and 25°C, cyclical temperature fluctuations can lead to crystallization. The
Containers should be tightly closed. Especially hardeners are seriously damaged when exposed to air. Hardeners can become damaged over time.
darken, but the physical properties are not affected. Note a possible change in colour of the mixed system,
when very old and new hardeners are used in the same project.

When building a wooden hull, small cracks or open spots always remain.
These can be filled. However, filler does not glue the components or battens.

It is better and easier to seal the cracks from the outside with adhesive tape and to coat the inside of the fuselage with AMPRO SEAL. After curing, remove the adhesive strips after approx. 24 hours and paint the fuselage from the outside. Reinforcement with glass fibre is not necessary.

The fuselage is now an EPOXY fuselage with wood reinforcement.
After curing, AMPRO SEAL can be sanded like pore filler and painted over with all paint systems.

Gluing with wood glue is no longer possible. Use superglue, Megabond or epoxy glue.

Technical data sheet : see manual tab

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