UHU-plast spezial 30g

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UHU-plast spezial 30g


Special adhesive for polystyrene, ABS, Lexan

- Special adhesive for bonding polystyrene parts and a variety of other plastics.
- the fine metal cannula allows a particularly economical, punctiform application of the adhesive.
- High adhesion by dissolving the plastic surface (welding in the cold way).
- The low-viscosity synthetic resin adhesive is a tough, elastic, glass-clear adhesive film.
- Particularly suitable for difficult-to-reach adhesive areas.

For models made of plastic also in combination with other materials such as wood, cardboard, paper etc ...

Adhesive surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly (dry, free of dust and grease). Apply one side of the adhesive thinly, put together - briefly fix. Do not wipe off any residual moisture, but cut it with a sharp knife or cutter after curing. Then gently sand with sandpaper. Hand strength is reached after approx. 5 - 10 minutes, final strength after 24 hours. For thin-walled plastic surfaces only apply very thinly.

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