About us






Since 2000 our construction office has been established. We develop ship model kits for various manufacturers, supply the laser data, production data and write the instructions. Among our customers are (a) Aeronaut, Graupner, Krick, but also some small series manufacturers.

For several years I worked for Graupner until his insolvency as a product manager and designer for ship models.

We manufacture ourselves our own high-quality and elaborate models for the experienced ship model builders.
These are only distributed through our shop in order to provide the best possible service and advice.
When developing new models we use our very good contacts with the shipbuilding industry.



Since 2010 we also have our mobile specialist shop.

We are represented from spring to autumn in many ship modeling events from Frankfurt to Friedrichshafen and have almost everything necessary for the ship model builder. Our competent expert advice is always in demand.

We are exhibitors at the trade fairs Dortmund, Leipzig, Friedrichshafen.



Since 2011 we are an importer for selected articles of the servo and sail winch manufacturer Kingmax.

In 2011, we took over the production and molds of the Voith Schneider Propeller from the company Ludwig Bergdorf (formerly sold only by Graupner). We have developed them and delivered them to the whole world.

Since 2011, we have been cooperating with various manufacturers of brushless motors and have produced engines and controllers (G-Power, G-Control) specially developed for the model shipbuilding. In the meantime, we cover the entire spectrum of model ship propulsion models.

2013/14, various Z-drives and the Jet 19BM have been developed in cooperation with a manufacturer. These are now also marketed by other wholesale and model builders (under another name).

Through our expert advice service for the model builders in the construction of ship models, be it in the construction of the model or the adjustment of the remote controls of selected manufacturers, we want to achieve that beginners or advanced users can easily assemble their desired model. Use our contact form.


2019 From January 2019 we will continue the " main business " of the company Gundert.
The articles produced by us then retain their designations and known order numbers of the Gundert company. To distinguish between them, we will only place a 3rd in front of it.
Since November 2017 I have been manufacturing shafts, rudders and couplings in the Gundert workshop on your machines and with their special tools. Thus we are informed about the production processes. We will continue the well-known Gundert quality.

In spite of our specialization, we are leading the entire range of companies

Aeronaut, Beier-Electronic, Billing Boats, Gundert, Krick, Multiplex, Romarin 

and selected articles of the company Graupner