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Rotary drive for crane, monitor..., 6V

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Rotary drive for crane, monitor..., 6V


developed for the crane rotary drive of the Edda Flora
Also suitable for other cranes, fire monitors, guns etc.
Rotation speed max 2,5rpm. at 7,4V
Total reduction ratio 1/5200

Endless rotation.
The through hole is suitable for 10mm tubes, which have to be flattened on the side.
Two 4mm holes allow mounting below deck, e.g. with threaded rods or similar.
The crane tube, for example, can be inserted into these. This is where the cables are routed below deck.
The tube should therefore not make too many turns so as not to tear the cables.


Package contents

Gear Power 2/6 gear motor
2 GRP plates milled out, with thread 2.5mm thick
2 M2 screws
1 threaded rod M4x 95mm
9 nuts M4 flat
1 motor connection cable 0,5mm², 30cm silicon BEC-plug
1 instruction manual

Suitable controller: B-Control VR8, Order No. 4.4015


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