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Why should an LED not be connected directly to a power source?

It is not recommended to connect an LED directly to a power source without a series resistor. This is because LEDs have a low forward voltage and should flow a limited current to avoid overload and damage.

Without a series resistor to limit the current, the LED could receive too high a current and overheat or even burn out. This can lead to permanent damage to the LED and render it unusable.

The series resistor is important to control the current flow through the LED and ensure that it is within the specified limits. The value of the series resistor depends on the forward voltage of the LED and the desired operating current.

It is therefore advisable to calculate the series resistor according to the specifications of the LED and the applied voltage and insert it into the circuit to ensure proper and safe functioning of the LED.

You can find the appropriate resistor calculator here > Widerstandsrechner.