Power-Direkt-Drive Jenny 380x4mm/M4 Motor 5-600/ BL35mm

Power-Direkt-Drive Jenny 380x4mm/M4 Motor 5-600/ BL35mm

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Power-Direkt-Drive Jenny 380x4mm/M4 Motor 5-600/ BL35mm

- with aluminium motor flange and built-in mounting foot and coupling

provide a rigid connection between motor and shaft tube
dissipate heat from the motor to the shaft tube.
no power losses due to misalignment
simple, fast assembly

Power direct drives with 4mm shaft and M4 thread. Two nylon bearings are fitted to prevent the shaft from swinging.

With shaft coupling

Motor flange 25mm (500-600th motor), 35mm BL-motor
Shaft Ø 4mm
Shaft length 320
Tube- Ø 7mm
Tube length 270mm
length with flange 380mm
Thread M4
Thread length 12mm
middle bearing 2x Nylon bearing
plain bearing 2x Metall-Teflon bearing
thrust bearing Nylon

Elastic 3,2x4mm oder 4x4mm.
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Delivery without motor

Advantages of DIREKT coupling flanges or Gundert-Power-Direkt drive systems over all other shaft systems available on the market

- inexpensive
- easy change or repair of the motor
. Even if you can't reach the engine screws easily because the rear or the internals are too tight or the engine screws are difficult or impossible to reach. With this drive system you only work from above.

Assembly of the power-direct drive unit


1. drill out the shaft passage at the rear and insert the shaft assembly. The shaft tube should protrude at least 1-2mm so that the thrust washer is not glued.
Make a support of wood, GRP or similar and fit it under the coupling flange into the fuselage.
Place the two drive-in nuts on the support and tighten from above with the screws. If necessary, drill holes for the screws in the support.
    Glue the support into the fuselage.
4 Glue the drive-in nuts onto the support using 2K adhesive. Lightly grease the screws to prevent them from sticking.

Dismantling the motor

Unscrew the screws from the drive-in nuts. Loosen the two M3 setscrews in the flange and the coupling.
Remove the motor with the coupling flange and coupling from the pipe.
Now you can easily work on the motor or change it. The assembly is carried out in reverse order. The previous installation position is reached again by means of the glued drive-in nuts. Important: Do not use frames in the boat to install the coupling flange. Glue an extra underlay into the boat. The advantages of simple disassembly will otherwise be lost. Assembly or disassembly from above is then no longer possible.

Made by Bauer-Modelle/Germany


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