Ramboline push barge

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Ramboline push barge


for Springertug Ramborator  
The Ramboline is a free replica of a push lighter for coupling to the Ramborator. The lighter has a bow flap that can be operated via RC. The flap is controlled by a sail winch or a 180° servo.
Loads of up to 14.3 kg can be carried. The loading area dimensions allow truck-trailer combinations in M1:14.5 to be transported.
The model is divided into 8 waterproof compartments.
In the stern the RC components are accommodated.
In the bow section a transverse thruster (702011) can be installed.
The data is taken from the CAD construction of the boat.
The model is made of plastic. All plastic parts are laser-cut to fit exactly. All parts are plugged into each other and glued.
The hatches for the RC components and the bow thruster are screwed watertight.
 The model kit contains:
All laser-cut ABS parts required for construction, metal parts, the fittings parts and the decal sheet.
Length approx. 1188mm
Width 329mm
Loading area
length 1117mm
Width 200mm
Empty weight 2,7kg, with RC
load max. 14,3kg
A development of Bauer-Modelle

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