G-Power 3151SD

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G-Power 3151SD


Ideal motor as drive for small to medium models 60-70cm length and propeller up to 50mm
e.g. tugboats, fishing boats, freighters....
Ideal also for bow thrusters e.g. in the Edda Flora
technical specifications
 Voltage            At No-Load       At Maximum Efficiency       At Stall
      Speed    Current        Speed       Current       Torque      Output     Current    Torque   
     V        rpm      A    rpm        A     g.cm      W      A     g.cm
    12       3600    0,07    3050     0,28     100    3,14    2,08    647  
- Weight 135g
Bearing shields:
- collector-side plastic with sintered bronze bearing,  
- output side zinc die-cast with ball bearing
- 7-pole armature.
- Very smooth running.
Dimensions see drawing.
Suitable controllers :

Motor Single 4A4S

B-Control VR8

Mini Fahrregler MFR 1210

Identical in construction with Bühler DC motor 31x51, 12V


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