Sail winch 6114MD, digital, 14kg, 6turns

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Sail winch 6114MD, digital, 14kg, 6turns


Particularly suitable for competition sailboats of the IOM class
Can also be used as an anchor or crane winch
Recommended winch for Jule crab cutter as a tree and net winch

Titan gear
double ball bearing
Coreless motor

Technical specifications

Operating voltage: 4.8 ... 6.0 V
Operating time 4.8V approx .: 0.72sec. / 360 °
Operating time 6.0V approx .: 0.60 seconds / 360 o'clock
Traction at 4.8V approx.13.32 kg / cm
Traction at 6.0V approx .: 14.5 kg / cm
Revolutions without trimming approx .: 6
Revolutions with trim approx .: 6.5
Winding path / revolution 7.85 cm
Working current without load 0.12-0.14A
Working current with load 0.4-0.5A
Weight approx .: 61.0 g
Dimensions approx .: 40.5 x 20.2 x 38mm
Transmission titanium transmission
Connection cable JR 265mm


Servo setting Graupner / Graupner HoTT: max. left 140 ........right 110
At these maximum values the winch reaches 10 turns.
If the values are above that, the gearbox starts to crack and it continues to run uncontrolled.

Programming the winding path in the transmitter or corresponding modules

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