Z-Drive G-Power 150

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Z-Drive G-Power 150      


suitable for small and middle size motor boats, up to 90cm.
Not suitable for very fast race boats.

All shafts with stainless steel ball bearings with double bearings .

Adjustable tilt angle

The drive will lock up when driving over obstacls

delivery without motor and without propeller


plastic, glass fiber rainforced

motor shaft

Ø 3,2mm, other holes possible

hole for motor-Lagerbund

Ø 13 mm


3,2mm x square

4,0mm x square


1:1,09, 1,09x1 = 1:1



brushed motors

500, 600

brushless motors

G-Power 750KV(14,5V), G-Power 1450KV (7,4V),

fixing holes

19mm, 25mm, 29mm

rpm max.



31mm, max.33mm possible, left rotating


Propeller direction of rotation in direction of travel

Use of 36mm propellers or propellers with a pitch greater than 1.4 can overload the flex shaft.

Due to the special gear ratio, a long service life of the gears has been achieved

Please observe the regular lubrication with our special grease for plastic-metal pairings 4.5190.5 or 4.5190.10

The drive can also be supplied with coupling with 4mm motor shaft bore. Please note it in the remarks during the ordering process.
5mm shaft bore is not possible.

A conversion kit for clockwise rotating propeller is available, order no. 4.9011
clockwise rotating propeller order No. 715352

instruction in english and german


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