Schottel 40mm right rotating

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Schottel 40mm right rotating



Precision Schottel drive with rotary and drive mechanism via toothed belt wheels

Cord nozzle made of precisely turned aluminium, black anodised surface finish.

Gear housing made of brass, with factory lifetime lubrication, surface finish glass-bead blasted.

Gearbox housing with radial shaft seal, 100% waterproof.

Drive shaft made of stainless steel V2A, double ball bearing.

Output shaft made of stainless steel V2A, double ball bearing.

High-precision, milled metal bevel gears made of steel are used for power transmission.

Propeller made of high-quality cast brass.

Toothed belt wheel made of aluminium for the rotary movement, pitch 2.5 mm.

Aluminium toothed belt wheel for power transmission, pitch 2.5 mm

Flanged housing made of turned brass to accommodate the drive unit and for mounting in the ship's hull, with radial shaft seal, ball bearing and plastic bearing

all dimensions in mm
Propeller-Ø A B C D E F G H
Ø40 Ø41,5 40 71 37 59 73 62 Ø4
 toothed belt wheel: pitch 2.5 mm, 26 teeth

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