Transmitter HS16 grey

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Transmitter HS16 grey


Radio for Servonaut Zwo4 system
  • Stick functions: 3 levels with 4 channels each
  • Softkey functions: 3 levels with 6 controls or 12 keys respectively
  • Receiver channels without multiswitch: 16
  • Channels with multiswitch in the model: 14+2x8
  • Resolution proportional channels / multiswitch channels: 2048 steps / 256 steps
  • Receivers per model Master/Slave: 1 / any number
  • Number of servos, that a control can operate: max. 4
  • Number of sticks or softkeys mixed to one servo: any number
  • Number of models: 30
  • Telemetry: battery operating voltage, receiver operating voltage
  • Display (non-reflecting, backlit): 128 x 64 pixel, 70 x 35 mm
  • Processor / memory: 32 Bit Freescale Coldfire / 8 MBit
  • Frequency band / power / standard: 2,4 GHz / 40 mW / 802.15.4
  • Battery / battery run-time: 2 Ah 4,8 V Eneloop NiMH / about 10 hours
  • Weight: 830g
  • Dimensions: 222 x 176 x 53 without sticks
  • Multifunction softkeys replace control dial, trim and toggle switches
  • Softkeys for menu and all special functions

 Manual HS16  (857.86 KB)

The switchover between levels

All joysticks and multifunction buttons can be assigned twofold (HS12) or threefold (HS16), the switchover happens by using the two level switches. This way, the HS12/HS16 appears quite clear despite the 24/36 (3D version) provided controls.


Multiswitch -> Multibus

Instead of creating something completely new, we focused on continuity with the HS12/HS16. The Multiswitch concept for channel expansion has been prepared in function model building since decades and is mainly used to control the light systems or in case many servos are activated at the same time. The Zwo4 radio can control all systems that comply with Robbe/Futaba and Graupner/JR standards. Not left unnoticed: The 8 Multiswitch/Multibus channels are full-fledged channels including trims and all other adjustment options and can also be output of a mixer. Only the resolution and the speed of reaction are reduced. This way, max. 11+1x8 channels are provided in the HS12 and max. 14+2x8 channels in the HS16.



The most efficient radio is no good, if the handling is unclear. With the HS12/HS16 not only the servo channels, but also the controls can be individually equipped with a name that is shown in the display. With the button controls even two designations are possible for left and right, since one channel can release two different functions in function model building, e.g. horn and starter of a soundmodule. This way, even with different models (boats, trucks), there is no doubt left how the multifunction buttons are assigned.


...and flexible

Although looking inconspicuous, the HS12/HS16 sets standards with its predefined 3x24 / 4x36 mixers (3x20 / 4x30 in 2D version) in several variations (channel types). The flexible and, at the same time, surprisingly easy to operate mixer concept supports not only the hydraulic pump (or more than one) but also the complex sound modules such as the Servonaut SMB for excavators and light systems of other producers such as Pistenking, Beier or Benedini that accomodate different deflections of different functions.

Video manual for the HS12 (german)

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