drive units, special- and shaft drives


Voith Schneider drive, Shaft drive, Z-drive, Jet-drive, Outboard motor


Voith Schneider drive, the Original

Voith Schneider drive, the Original


Eigentumsnachweis und Rechte am Original Modell VSP
Proof of ownership and rights to the original model VSP
Droits de conception VSP


Beware of the chinese copy of Graupner, this is not made with the long-tested original materials and is leaking.The remnants from the Graupner bankruptcy are now offered by Leak in the self-aligning bearing. Fountain in a model!




Voith Water tractor

Bugsier 16 Outstanding maneuverability of a Voith Water Tractor (EN)

VSP in Eis

North Sea Giant

Buddelschiff im ZDF