G-Power BL-Motor 750KV

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G-Power BL-Motor, 2830, 750KV,6-14,4V



Newly developed motor, especially for VSP65BM Voith Schneider Propeller.
Ideal as replacement for 500-600 motor types.

The motor can be used as replacement for the 400, 480 directly and with the enclosed mounting flange also for 500-600 motors.

Despite its small size it develops up to 185W power.
The motor is equipped with G3.5 connectors.

Suitable for model ship models.
The specially milled housing keeps the windings and the magnets cool even at high loads.
This improves performance compared to motors from other manufacturers.

Technical specifications
Operating voltage range       6-14,4V
Power max.                              185W

Current max.                            30A
Current no load.                      0.2A
Revolutions / volts                  750KV
Pole                                           14
Windings                                  12
Timing                                       22-25 °
Shaft Ø                                      3,17mm
Free Wavelength                    14mm
Case length                             30mm
Housing Ø                                28mm
Weight approx.                         52g
Ri (Ohm)                                   0.192
Air screw                                  12x6 (2 cells) ..... 9x6 (4 cells)

This motor can also be used in the Voith Schneider Propeller (Graupner 2358) with Speed 500E without modifications to achieve a quieter, slower run. The initially required water cooling is no longer necessary.
To do this, simply screw the enclosed flange on the motor and remove the pinion from the speed motor.
Press the pinion on the shaft of the BL motor at the same distance. Fasten the motor with the flange to the motor bracket of the VSP. Tension the toothed belt only moderately. The pinion must possibly be glued with Loctite 603.
The motor can also be used in other ship models with propellers up to 55mm at 6,0-7,4V.

Also suitable for the Aeronaut models Alex, Pilot, Ramborator, Diva, Classic ... with 2-3 cells, propeller up to 35mm (3 cells)
Very suitable for Schottel to 50mm and 1: 3 reduction in operating 11.1-12V

Recommended regulator up to 30A

Mounting screws
Special flange for mounting on motor mount with 25mm hole spacing (500- 600 type motors)

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