Smoke generator Mini 12 V

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Smoke generator Mini 12 V



Smoke generators for small boats and ships as well as for cars and lorries

All smoke generators can be controlled with the Beier USM RC2. USM RC-3, Elmod and Tank Control 2 - 3 (note the manufacturer's performance data)
The fan runs almost silently.
The smoke generator heats up to approx. 40-45 degrees during operation.
At 12 V it has a current consumption of approx. 1.0A at 6W

The smoker with 10mm (external) chimney has an output of 8W
The smoker has 2 solder connections for the heater
Max. Filling quantity of approx. 15ml is sufficient for approx. 30min of smoke at 8W

The smoke generator is fitted with 1 small tube for a hose through which the smoke oil can be extracted from the outside (overfill protection) and refilled.

Dimensions L:50 x W:50 x H:30mm 
Weight approx. 40g

Supplied as shown in picture 1 without copper pipes
The heating element is subject to a certain amount of wear or can be destroyed by overheating.
 A repair kit is available for these cases, which can be installed in a few minutes


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