Toothed belt, 2MGT3mm, length 332mm

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Toothed belt, 2MGT3mm, length 332mm


Technical specifications
Length 332mm
Number of teeth 166
Width 3mm

Suitable for Schottel 50BM-Z

As with the VSP, we also use the advantages of the GT3 belt on the Schottel 50.

Positive power transmission
Due to the positive engagement of the GT3 belt teeth in the toothing of the drive pulleys a positive, synchronous power transmission is given. Slippage and thus speed deviations are excluded.

Constant angular velocity
The GT3 timing belt wraps around the toothed disc circularly and not in the form of a polygon, so that periodic fluctuations and thus vibrations can not occur.

High efficiency
Due to the flexible belt design, the low belt tension and the reduced friction between belt and pulley, the flexing work and thus the heat development is kept low.

Low belt tension and bearing load
The positive force transmission of the GT3 belt drive requires a much lower belt tightening. As a result, the bearing load is reduced, so that the drive parts can be made lighter and thus cheaper.

The gentler engagement of the GT3 timing belt with its optimized shape and tooth compression and improved materials produces significantly lower noise levels compared to similarly pitched belts at comparable speeds and biases.

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Delivery weight: 0.02 kg
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Delivery weight: 0.02 kg
Delivery weight: 0.05 kg
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