Smoke generator Alu Big12V for large models

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Smoke generator Alu Big12V for large models


Smoke generator Alu Big12V for large models
The smoke generators can be controlled with the sound module Beier USM RC2. USM RC-3, Elmod and Tank Control 2 - 3 (please note the manufacturers' performance data).
The fan runs almost noiselessly
The smoker 2 solder connections for the heater
The smoke generator heats up to approx. 35-45 degrees during operation.
The smoker has a current consumption of approx. 1.2A at 12V and a power of approx. 12W
The flue connection is 12mm external
Max. Filling quantity of approx. 40ml,
The smoke oil consumption is approx. 30ml in 30min.
The smoke generator is equipped with 1 tube for hose, which can be used to suck off the smoke oil from the outside (overfill protection) and refill it.
Dimensions L:110 x W:60 x H:45mm 
Weight approx. 137g
The fan can be controlled by a speed controller or by a speed regulator to get a driving pattern as true to the original as possible.
Delivery is as shown in picture 1 without copper pipes.
The heating element is subject to a certain wear or can be destroyed by overheating.
 For these cases there is a repair kit that can be installed in a few minutes.

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