Automatic regulator for smoke generator

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Automatic regulator for smoke generator



Power and speed controller which controls your smoke generator 
depending on the stick position for the speed controller of your model.
(Connection for the speed controller is looped through the module).
The speed of the fan and the voltage of the heater can be adjusted for (idle) of the model can be set via 2 potentiometers.
In addition, the amount of smoke and the fan speed can be set via 2 further potentiometers for the driving speed.
For example, with the stick in the 50% position, you can set the heating to 100% and the fan speed to 75%, so the smokers can be adjusted to your model even more easily.
Tapping the throttle control activates the power control, it is preheated for approx. 3 seconds, then the fan starts.
After the model has been stationary for approx. 15 seconds, the controller switches the heating off, then the fan continues to run for approx. 10 seconds.

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