Special grease for ship shafts, bearings, VSP

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Water-resistant, light-colored and grease-containing EP grease for the
lubrication of ball bearings, in particular, plain bearings with a plastic-metal pairings.
Very good sealing properties.
Tested in:
VSP, shafts with Teflon or plastic sliding bearings, flexwaves, various 3D printers
Very good sliding properties with IGUS plain bearings in 3-D printers
Industrial designation        LT1
Components                    Lithium soap, white oil, solid lubricant
Operating temperature      -20 - + 130 ° C
Very good emergency running
Marking according to DIN 51825: KPF 1 K-20

Water-resistant, not water-endangering, not emulsified with water

1 plastic syringe 5ml

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