Voith Schneider Propeller VSP65BE with Brushlessmotor

Voith Schneider Propeller VSP65BE with Brushlessmotor

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Voith Schneider Propeller VSP65BE with Brushlessmotor


A development of Bauer models
Made in Germany

The Voith Schneider Propeller is an exemplary model propulsion of a cycloidal propeller for the propulsion and control of ship models.
The VPS are mainly used for escort tugs, Voith water tractors, double-end ferries,
Minesweeper, passenger ships, buoy layer and swimming cranes.
With this VSP, it is now possible to provide double end ferries or passenger ships e.g. From Lake Constance. These ships have very shallow hulls.

he control of the thrust according to direction and size takes place only via the wing pitch, whereby a fast, speed and direction change is possible. The flanged motor can be driven at constant speed and direction of rotation during all maneuvers. No speed or direction change is necessary

A newly developed special brushless motor is used.
- slow running
- Very quiet
- Direct propulsion of the propeller
- very flat, thus also suitable for offshore ships up to 1:75 in the rear, e.g. Edda Flora, double end ferries, passenger ships
- waterproof, seal with O-ring
- blue anodized ALU bell

Technical specifications:

Technische Daten:

motor G-Power BE86
Pole 42
Timing 22-25°
working voltage VSP 6V....7,4V
blades 5 pcs.
lenght of blades 50mm
Diameter of blades 65 mm
high at all 119mm
high complete in the hull 65mm
Weight complete 420g

- 1 Voith Schneider drive with brushless motor
- 1 mounting ring
- 6 stainless steel screws
- 2 ALU ball joints
- 2 threaded rods
- 2 clevises
- Tight cord
adjusting bush
- Instructions in German / English

Made in Germany
If you have problems setting up your VSP in the model or other problems with the VSP's, you can contact Bauer models.
We have tested the new, inexpensive and powerful Servo 2530 in our EDDA FLORA. The servo is very robust, precise and also has a titanium gear.
The new VSP is an energy-efficient, robust low-speed rotor. The propeller is directly driven to achieve the lowest possible noise.

For mounting in the model, the supplied mounting ring is glued in the hull, to which the VSP is screwed. By sealing with an O-ring, the VSP is largely water-tight. All other heavily stressed parts are made of metal or high-quality bearing plastic. Thus, a long service life is achieved with appropriate maintenance. The wings can be replaced in case of damage.
2 servos are required for the control.
The control lever is engaged by two enclosed M2 ball joints which are screwed onto the control lever.

Speed Controller
Use our VSP control. This is matched to the 42-pole motor.
Use our ring limiter or the ring limiter of the Graupner HoTT systems (mc-20 or higher)
With it you protect your VSP, the servos and the regulator from the constant strong, cyclic strain during a turn.

Should you need a new sealing line after several installation - we have it in stock.
Do not use silicone. You can no longer carry out subsequent varnishing or gluing of this site.

The drive is also available as a complete set with controller.
The picture shows the installation situation in the Edda Flora M1: 75 in the flat rear hull.

Link to VSP Simulator  for PC, I Phone, I Pad und Android, scroll down and click on   iVSP more informations

iVSP download direct


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