Edda Flora, Inspection Maintenance and Repair Vessel, kit

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Edda Flora, Inspection Maintenance and Repair Vessel, kit


the delivery time is approx. 3-4 weeks.

Because of the cancelled transports we have delivery problems with the kit at the moment. 
Some parts of the kit are sold out but are on order. We are waiting daily for these deliveries.

The model was designed in cooperation with Voith Turbo GmbH & Co.KG, Heidenheim and Skipsteknisk AS Åalesund, Norway, Østensjø Rederi, Haugesund Norway, using the original CAD data.
Numerous changes compared to the construction were incorporated with the help of the ship's command.
The Voith Schneider Propeller VSP65 / 5BE has been newly developed for the model.

The VSP65BM is too high. The bl-motor would protrude from the deck.

After more than three years of development work, we have created a kit of superlatives.
We put a lot of emphasis on having all the important parts, like the deck above moonpool, crane, david and ROV, move and be powered by the appropriate .
We have found solutions, like small, the overall picture disturbing maintenance hatches are avoided.
The entire main deck can be removed in a few easy steps. All parts are designed so that drives can also be retrofitted.
Likewise, the superstructure is removed in one piece.
This makes it easy to get to all internals and drives in the hull.

We have detailed the model where possible, down to the smallest detail. We had to take the 1:75 scale into account.


Data Original and Modell

  Original  Modell 1:75 
Länge (Length) o.a. 95,0 m 1266mm
Length b.p. 82,2 m 1096mm
Breite (Breadth mld.) 20,0 m 266mm
Tiefgang KWL. 6,6 m 80mm
Höhe ü.a. (Air draft) 39,6 m over keel 528mm
Gross tonnage 6074 GT 14,3kg max.
Net tonnage 1822 T  
Deadweight max 4696 t  
Deck measurements 40 m x 19 m 620 x 265mm
Outside deck area 750 m2  
Inside deck area (hangar)

WROV hangar 73 m²
OBS ROV hangar 36 m²

Deck cargo capacity

1900 t. 10 t/m²

Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winch 2 x 20 T  
Antrieb (PROPULSION) 2 x Voith Schneider,each 3800 kW
Type: VSP 36 R6EC/300-2
2x VSP 65BE, je 435W


The model is designed as a functional model.
Drive and control via 2 VSP65 / 5BE, (not included)
- The mounting rings of the VSP are included. The VSP's are not included, can be retrofitted after the completion of the model.
- Servo mounting plates and model stand included, 5mm plywood
- Hydramarine crane fully mobile, electric drives (not included) retrofittable
- 2x 40mm bow thruster, (not included)
- Functional Moonpool, Deck segments over the Moonpool can be opened.
- extendable drop keel (sonar)
- movable side wall doors and crane of the Work ROV
- different lighting functions
- Module handling system (optional, not included) can be retrofitted

Contents of the kit:

- GfK hull, GRP epoxy with white gelcoat, tempered. All portholes, scuppers and openings are engraved
- GfK back deck, reinforced with Coremat, therefore no deck beams necessary.
- The window walls of the wheelhouse made of GRP milled.
- GfK working deck, the recesses for inserting the wooden deck are incorporated. The deck is reinforced with Coremat, so no deck beams are needed.
- 13 laser cut ABS and plywood sheets in different thicknesses
- 2 milled GRP panels for the window walls and the Moopool and sonar.
- Etch kit for model includes: u.a. stanchions, railings, gangways, doors, day signals etc., brass 358x351x0,5mm
- Etching kit for hydramarine crane contains: u.a. Stanchions, handrails and platforms, crane house, brass 310x210x0,5mm
- All wires, metal and plastic pipes and metal and plastic profiles needed to build the model.
- rubber bumper strip,

- 3D printing parts, including: radome, antenna platform, superstructures on the wheelhouse deck, boat david (also included as a laser part),
- Bolts, nuts in stainless steel
- Decals in UV printing, with draft marks and all labels
- Illustrated construction manual with color information and adhesive instructions. (english instructions in preparation)
- 4 plan rolls 1,55x1,05m, all parts 1: 1 drawn in different views
- 1 general plan 2,1x 1,05m (1: 1)

- 1 Drilling plan for forecastle deck 1050x400mm (1: 1)
- Picture CD
- german and english instruction

Link to Peter Zak's construction report in RC groups

The kit is not suitable for beginners!
You should be in possession of a remote control where you can set servo travel and servo middle.
At least 6 adjustable prop channels are required for driving.


required accessories (not included):
All drives are designed for 6-7.4V!

2 VSP65 / 5BE
4 servos 2845, order no. 4.4815
2 bow thruster 33 / 40mm, order no. 702094
2 motors RM-410, 7.2V
2 VSP control controller, order no. 4.2359
2 controller B-Control VR8, order no. 4.4015 (´bow thruster)
2 Servos for moonpool deck  4.4812
1 Servowinch for Sonar 4.4883
1 Servowinch for crane rotating 4.4883
akku 6-7,4V


(Can be retrofitted after completing the model.)

Rotary drive hydramarine crane

Drive set Hydramarine crane includes:
- 3 gearmotors,
- 3 controllers
- 2 hydraulic cylinders with continuous thread, MS / stainless steel
- Cableset


360° rotatable, retractable, Azipod
Work ROV, 3D print, /(Work submarine, in ROV well)
Module Handling System
ROV with crane carriage, mounted on deck


 iVSP: Controlling a virtual Voith Schneider Propeller

The links below will forward you to the pages of Voith.com 

With the help of the iVSP (Interactive Voith Schneider Propeller) program you can experience for yourself how a Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) actually works.



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