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Multi Navy Digi-mc 75A


Multi-Mos series

Smaller, more power and easy to program were the conditions for the new controller generation from aero-naut. The speed controllers of the Multi series are designed for driving models with reversed polarity for forward and reverse driving.

Due to the high clock frequency of 16 kHz, the otherwise disturbing whistling sound of the motor is no longer audible. This new generation of these speed controllers is designed with the latest microcontroller technology in digital technology. The programming is permanently stored in the eprom until it is reprogrammed. Only the neutral position, the full throttle position and the battery type NiCd or NiMH batteries or Pb batteries are preset. The EMF brake function is selected by means of a jumper.

In freewheeling mode, the motor is braked at the neutral position. Only when the control stick is moved beyond the zero point in the respective other direction does the EMF brake brake the motor proportionally. With this setting, light-emitting diodes can be controlled as brake lights. A change of direction is then only possible when the motor has come to a standstill.

In motor brake mode, the motor is braked normally as with an active EMF brake. The direction of travel can then be changed at any time.


Dimensions[mm] 25x40x15
Output for LED brake light nein
Output for LED reversing light nein
BEC / Optocoupler BEC
BEC load capacity [A] 1,5
BEC overload-proof ja
Continuous current [A] 75
Continuous current [A] reverse 25
Input pulse check ja
Switch-on pulse suppression ja
EMK-Bake ein / aus ja
EMK-Bakee proportional ja
Direction of travel forward-stop-reverse forward-stop-reverse
Stick travel programmable ja
LED for error messages + programming ja
max. number of Servos 4
max. Strom für 5 Sek. [A] 100
Power-On-Off Reset when switching on and off and plugging in the battery ja
Current limitation ja
Taktfrequenz [kHz] 16
Deep discharge protection ja
Deep discharge protection Start-up current bypass ja
Deep discharge protection on automatic cell count detection ja
Deep discharge protection proportional gas reduction ja
Overtemperature cut-off ja
Overtemperature cut-off can be reactivated ja
Reversal of polarity only after motor standstill ja
Unlimited partial load ja
Undervoltage cut-off ja
Number of cells 6-18
Weight without/with cable [g] 30/45



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