Jule Fishing Boat

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Jule Fishing Boat


All-wood kit of a classic fishing cutter. JULE is a typical fishing boat, as employed all along the North and Baltic sea coasts. The vessels were built from the early years of the twentieth century until the late 1960's. They were initially of timber construction, but also of steel from the 1950's, and this is the epoch from which our model comes. It features a hard-chine hull of all-wood construction. The navigation equipment and deck apparatus fitted to these cutters were continually updated over the years. For example, modern deck machinery is now employed for processing the catch. These fishing boats were designed to be operated all year round, and they could be used to fish for shrimps as well as cod and herring. A different type of handling equipment is used for each type of fish.

The model kit contains:
All the laser-cut plywood parts required to build the model, mahogany parts, glazing, Depron jig, fittings, propeller shaft, rudder and stand. A complete fittings set for the wheelhouse is included. The kit also includes materials for the lamps. The kit contains an extensive German silver etched parts set, including items such as searchlights, riddle screen, boiler, sorting machine and much more.

The model can be fitted out with many auxiliary working systems.
Crab cutter do not drive a supporting sail. They are only used for advertising purposes.

Technical specifications
Scale                1:25
Length              800mm
Width               251mm
Weight approx. 7.5kg, driving with RC, depending on the removal

Motorization - Accessories
Caution: When the nets pass through the water (with leaves, for example), the required power up to 130W increases considerably.
- Use a BL motor or brush motor as described in the accessories.
- We tested some drives during development and then decided to use the BL engine. This provides the best performance. See accessories
- The winch and servo brackets are adapted to Kingmax / Futaba sizes. See Accessories
- We make special drums for winches, which correspond to the winding path of the harness and the net.
See accessories
- The riddle screen and the washing drum can be driven with the geared motor. See accessories
- Our radar fits exactly into the mount of the aft mast. See accessories

The model is a development of Bauer models

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