Sail winch servo 5508-2MD, 8,8kg, 2 turns

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Sail winch servo 5508-2MD, 8,8kg, 2 turns


Especially suitable for sailboats of IOM class or smaller
Can also be used as anchor or crane winch, e.g. Edda Flora Sonar
Metal gearbox
double ball bearing
Technical data
Operating voltage: 4.8 ... 6,0 V
Operating time 5.0V approx.: 0.6s /360°
Operating time 6.0V approx.: 0.5 sec./360°
tensile force at 5,0V approx. 7,3 kg/cm
tensile force at 6.0V approx.: 8.8 kg/cm
Revolutions without trim approx.: 2
Revolutions with trim approx.: 2-2,3
winding distance/turn 7,85cm
Operating current without load 0.12-0.14A
Operating current with load 0.4-0.5A
Weight approx.: 58.0 g
Dimensions approx.: 40,5 x 20,2 x 38mm
Gearbox Metal gearbox
Connection cable JR 265mm
Programming of the winding path in the transmitter or corresponding modules

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