Jonny Harbour Tug

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Jonny Harbour Tug


Jonny is a compact and manouverable vessel for anyone who likes modern tugs. The spacious and strong GRP hull has a perfect finish and comes with markings to indicate the location of openings in the hull. The model comes with two prop shafts and rudders, Kort nozzles are optional. A conversion to Schottel units is possible and described in the building instructions.

Parts are include to convert the model to represent a typical offshore tug. The working deck is equipped with a laser-cut deck with planks engraved in the surface. The detailed wheelhouse has complete interior furnishing and can be detailed according to the modeller’s desire. Two water cannons are included which can be equipped to work like the originals.

Deck and superstructure are made from ABS. All parts are precisely laser-cut and can be easily assembled using the comprehensive step-by-step instructions with detailed graphics and text.

The kit includes many functional parts like winches, water cannons, working lights etc. and a set of more than 100 photo-etched parts to achieve a high level of detail. Working and navigation lights can be equipped with LEDs to add various lighting options to your model.

The large double tow winch can be equipped with special gear motors so that a real towing maneuver can be imitated.

The kit contains:

GRP hull with integrated rubbing strakes, laser-cut wood, ABS and Vivak parts, set of photo-etched parts, comprehensive set of fittings with water cannons, winches etc. as well as detailed building instructions

The accessories are linked in the adjacent tab

Shaft drive:

Motor   2 x Race 720navyBest. Nr. 700049
2x Blue RM-730 TRQ      Best.Nr. 109-73

ESC 1-2 x Multi 25           Best. Nr. 701971
Lead battery 12V/7,2Ah   Best. Nr. 744906

optional brushless motor

G-Power  (11,1-12V)             order no. 4.353635

60mm, M4 left                      order no. 717413  
60mm, M4 right                    order no. 717414 
Becker Rudder                     order no. 4.5170

Schottel drive

2x Rudder propeller 70BM-Z  order no.Nr. 4.9070
2x 3180° Servo                       order no. 7947GR
2x toothed pulley                     order no. 4.RT25606
2x toothed pulley                    order no. 4.RT25286
2x toothed belt                       order no. 4.ZT256265
2x toothed belt                       order no. 4.ZT256285
2x BL-Motor                           order no.4.353635
 (11.1-12V)                             order no. 4.353535
 (6V - 7.4V)                           
order no. 4.353675
2x ESC (without BEC)           order no. 4.40011x
BEC Modul                             order no. 5.8791

Winch gear
gear power 15/6
               order no. 4.2404
Radar at the rear              order no. 4.5258
Radar in front                   order no. 4.5260

only light

Light and switching functions
Sound module USM RC2

Technical specifications

Scale   1:32
Height  675mm
Weight 14 kg
Width   308mm
Length  990mm
Draft     110mm


designed by Bauer-Models


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